Adult Discipleship 

Interested in learning about adult discipleship opportunities at Calvary Community Church?

Contact: Hanson Rosenquist

Adult education classes

Fulfilling the responsibilities of the church to make disciples and to educate them in the teachings given by Jesus and the Apostles (Matt. 28:19-20; 1 Cor. 11:2; Eph.4:11-16), the Adult Education classes provide regular and in-depth teaching on biblical doctrine and Christian living. The material in this class is more exhaustive and requires more work from attendees than the adult Sunday school class, giving a greater depth than that available during Sunday morning classes.

Upcoming Adult Education Class

Visual Theology Class

Visual Theology is a course that combines knowledge of sound doctrine with insights into practical Christian living. The course ties the discussion to relevant Scripture passages and then provides a healthy and balanced application to the Christian life.

Class runs: Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

September 17th-November 26th

Course fee: 15$ (scholarships available)

Class materials provided

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday school is a class that meets weekly at 8:30 AM, prior to Sunday worship service, to provide small-group teaching in sound doctrine and Bible study with opportunities for attendees to engage in discussion and dialogue with each other and with the facilitator. The object of this program is to give greater understanding of God’s Word to God’s people, encouraging them to serve the Church body and to glorify our Lord Jesus with what they learn.

Current Sunday School Topic

The current Adult Sunday School class uses John Stott’s, Pastoral Epistles to explore the Christ of the New Testament. In it, attendees discover Jesus as the proper object of worship, witness and hope.

Family Ministries Classes

Responding to our cultural need to minister to young families, an after-church teaching program equips parents and spouses with biblical knowledge and tools. Calvary Community Church hosts two of these classes per annum, in the Spring and in the Fall.

Doulos Pastoral Residency Program (DPRP)

The Local Church requires spiritually mature, doctrinally sound and wise pastors and elders to lead it biblically and to the glory of Christ. Rather than hope these kinds of believers can be found, the prudent and responsible course to take is to raise these leaders from within the church family. This can be done by investing in the biblical instruction of persons who are gifted and called to leadership within an ecclesiastical context. The Doulos Pastoral Residency Program, is a two-year residency designed to train and educate people from our own church family through intensive instruction to be the future leaders that will be needed in the Local Church going forward.

September of 2019. — Closed enrollment.

Ezra Gospel Program

The Ezra Gospel Program is a leadership program designed to create disciples who make disciples. The goal is to create mature followers of Jesus who are not only trained and equipped to serve as mature Christ-followers in the Local Church, but can also live-out and pass on the biblical teachings they have learned to others. The Ezra Gospel Program is a 1-year discipleship program created with the future deacon, small group leader, or other gospel leader in mind and integrates theological, missional and gospel-centered content in a small, 6-8 person Socratic study cohort.

September of 2019. — Closed enrollment.