YAC Student Ministries

Welcome to YAC! It’s our joy to serve you and our prayer to effectively minister to you as we pursue relationship with students in the following areas:

  • High School YAC, Wednesdays 7-8:30pm

    Designed for 9th-12th grade students, HS YAC provides a fun, safe place for students to feel accepted and loved while affording them the opportunity to learn about Jesus and relationship with Him through our weekly sessions. The last week of every month is Pizza Night, where we play games, eat pizza, and focus on building relationship with our students.

  • Middle School YAC, Thursdays 7-8:30pm

    Much similar to HS YAC, but designed for 6th-8th grade students… and on Thursdays. :)

  • Going Deeper, Sundays 6-8pm in the Youth Portable

    An “evening service” for youth, Going Deeper is a weekly worship night & Bible study designed to challenge students to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. We tackle real world issues in light of the authority of Scripture, and devote time to group discussion, student questions, and personal application.

Online resources

Help yourself out to our monthly calendar and printable registration form!

yactext updated

“You can never communicate too much!” We’re updating our “YacText” methods to be less complicated. Messages will be sent from 961-67(Breeze Church Management Software). This is a one-way messaging system, replies will not be received. Your information is securely kept, and Jacob is the one sending all the messages anyway, so feel free to voice notification preferences or complaints to him. You can also reply STOP anytime to disable your number in our system.

update your information

If you’d like to update your contact information with us, you can tell us in person, obviously. OR, you can save us a little work by using this online form! Tadaa! Click the button below…

About us

Our YAC meetings consist of fellowship, a session for songs & Bible teaching, and group games with other students and leaders. The purpose of Calvary’s student ministry is to pursue relationship with students and to invest in them, leading the lost to Christ and helping those in Christ grow closer to Him. Our desire is for students to meet and build relationship with Jesus Christ, to the end of becoming resolute in their faith and joyfully compelled by the love of Christ to the praise of His glory. Our prayer is to be used as faithful servants of the Lord, partaking in His work as the gospel transforms our hearts. We’re so glad to have you join us and we eagerly anticipate our time with you!